Red Love Letters

Red Love Letters Patches



Red Love Letters Patches


Design Good Love Patches

Different color love patches for choose.

Red Love Patches; Blue Love Patches; Black Love Patches

Any color you can choose.


◆ Spray water on back of the patch
◆ Place patch on garment
◆ Set iron temperature on “cotton”
◆ Cover the patch with a piece of damp cloth
◆ Iron for 10-15 seconds
◆ Turn garment inside out and iron until dry

Love is an assortment of various sentiments, states, and demeanors that reaches from relational loveto joy (“I adored that supper”). It can allude to a feeling of a solid fascination and individual attachment. Love can likewise be an ideals speaking to human benevolence, sympathy, and friendship—”the unselfish faithful and considerate worry for the benefit of another”. It might likewise portray empathetic and loving activities towards different people, one’s self or animals.

Old Greek scholars recognized four types of affection: connection or recognition (in Greek, storge), companionship , sexual or sentimental yearning, and self-exhausting or celestial love (agape). Current creators have recognized further assortments of adoration: limerence, love de soi, and elegant love. Non-Western customs have likewise recognized variations or symbioses of these states. Love has extra religious or otherworldly significance—prominently in Abrahamic religions. This differing qualities of employments and implications consolidated with the multifaceted nature of the sentiments included has intercourse bizarrely hard to reliably characterize, contrasted with other passionate states.