Letter LOGO Patch

Letter LOGO Patch



Letter LOGO Patch Custom LOGO


Design Custom LOGO Patches. To design the custom letter logo patches, you can refer this logo patch.

The patch cut out the logo shape and whole logo with one color, certainly can be with different color.

Different color Logo patches for choose.

Red Letter LOGO Patches; Blue Letter LOGO Patches; Black Letter LOGO Patches

Any color can be made out.

Any shape can be made out.


Custom Letter LOGO Patch Specification.

  1. Size: 3-4inch.
  2. Custom Embroider Patch.
  3. Red Color with black border.
  4. Letter Cut out.
  5. Iron on Back


◆ Spray water on back of the patch
◆ Place patch on garment
◆ Set iron temperature on “cotton”
◆ Cover the patch with a piece of damp cloth
◆ Iron for 10-15 seconds
◆ Turn garment inside out and iron until dry