Letter B Patches



Yellow Letter B Patches

This patches is yellow color with B shape.


Custom Letter B Patches Custom Color Design.

Whole Patch is yellow colors, cut out the holes in the letter B.

Design the custom letter B Patches. The Letter B let you imagine out the BMW, Bingley, Porsche… all the B serial cars.

Different color Letter B patches for choose.

Yellow Letter B Patches; Red B Patches; Blue B Patches; Black B Patches

Any color can be made out.

Custom B Patch Specification.

  1. Size: 4-7 inch.
  2. Custom B Shape Patch.
  3. Yellow Color Embroidery Patch.
  4. Iron on Back

◆ Spray water on back of the patch
◆ Place patch on garment
◆ Set iron temperature on “cotton”
◆ Cover the patch with a piece of damp cloth
◆ Iron for 10-15 seconds
◆ Turn garment inside out and iron until dry


B or b (articulated/ˈbiː/, bee) is the second letter in the ISO fundamental Latin letter set. It speaks to the voiced bilabial stop in numerous dialects, including English. In some different dialects, it is utilized to speak to other bilabial consonants.