Flashing Lightning

Flashing Lightning Patches


Flashing Lightning Patches


Rainbow Flashing Lightning Patches.

The lightning Patches with rainbow color chenille.

Custom Lightning Patches Custom Color Design.

Rainbow colors on the patches, start from the lightning top to bottom.

Design the custom Lightning Patches. You can find out the lightning at lot of place. Like the movies, building, or some special logo.


Different color lightning patches for choose.

Yellow Lightning Patches; Red Lightning Patches; Blue Lightning Patches; Black Lightning Patches

Any color can be made out.

Custom Flashing Lightning Patch Specification.

  1. Size: 4-7 inch.
  2. Custom Lightning Shape Patch.
  3. Rainbow Color Chenille Patch.
  4. Iron on Back

◆ Spray water on back of the patch
◆ Place patch on garment
◆ Set iron temperature on “cotton”
◆ Cover the patch with a piece of damp cloth
◆ Iron for 10-15 seconds
◆ Turn garment inside out and iron until dry

Lightning Design knowledge reference:

Lightning is a sudden electrostatic release that happens amid a thunder storm. This release happens between electrically charged locales of a cloud (called intra-cloud lightning or IC), between two mists (CC lightning), or between a cloud and the ground (CG lightning). The charged districts in the air incidentally even out themselves through this release alluded to as a strike in the event that it hits a protest on the ground, and a blaze, on the off chance that it happens inside a cloud. Lightning causes light as plasma, and sound as thunder. Lightning might be seen and not heard when it happens at a separation excessively awesome for the sound, making it impossible to convey similar to the light from the strike or blaze.