Flower embroidery patches

Flower Embroidery Patches

“Taking cloth as paper, thread as ink and needle as pen” embroidery originates from people’s need for decoration itself. As early as the Yellow Emperor, China had a record of painted patterns.

China Embroidery Patches

For Chinese people, needles and threads are not just cloth, embroidered with beautiful patterns, but more labor, industry, fashion, life and human emotions. Have more or less, or true or sincere thoughts. Flower embroidery, more can reflect the dignified atmosphere of embroidery. The open peony in the rain and dew, charming and charming, fragrant, embroidered on the Tang suit, a few more charm; the lavender swaying in the wind, embroidered on pillows and bedding, is also very beautiful; beautiful chrysanthemum embroidery, will certainly make you relaxed and happy.

Various kinds of flowers, beautiful patterns, ingenious conception, meticulous embroidery, lively needling, perfect reflection of the unique style of elegant color! All kinds of flower color embroidery thread, made into petal pattern, layers of overlapping, delicate and beautiful, regardless of manual embroidery, or machine embroidery, can achieve full embroidery flowers, rich needling, fine lines, bright color characteristics, in a variety of apparel jewelry is more widely used!

Embroidery flowers, in the embroidery surface, not only free and generous flowers on the ground, but also beautiful hollow-out flowers Lingxi, virtual and real contrast, full of fun. Make embroidery more elegant and delicate!