Custom Chenille Patches

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Chenille Patches

Chenille patches give a work of art, vintage look that truly can’t found in some other style. Ideal for letter man coats, sports pullovers, biker calfskin products and anyplace needing a strong yet tasteful grace note. We’ve been making them for a considerable length of time and they just continue improving. We’re the most good supplier in China for chenille patches. Look at some of their incredible thoughts beneath.

Chenille embroidery is a kind of embroidery. Belongs to three-dimensional embroidery.

Computer towel embroidery machine can embroider any flower shape, any color, embroidered flowers and plants; trees; animals; graphics; cartoons, etc. You can find the embroidery production around you. Like clothing, home accessories, handicrafts and other industries.

Production process

Towel embroidery production process

One of machine embroidery needles. How to embroidering? The needle moving method is straight line. Avoid the needle moving is not disorderly.

The popularity of towel embroidery

In the past two years, embroidery has become very popular. With the hot embroidery, some children have slowly returned to embroidery life. Towel embroidered patterns are also full of personality, most of them belong to their own embroidery. I have a pillow embroidered towel. My girlfriend spent two months embroidering this pillow for me. For embroidery till now, in fact, cross embroidery or towel embroidery is very difficult to distinguish, like my pillow, it is cross embroidery, but it is a kind of towel embroidery.

Nowadays, we pay attention to high efficiency and fast rhythm everywhere. There are more and more elements of automation and mechanization in our life. The word “Nuhong” seems to have become a very distant memory. It is in this context that cross-stitch, an exotic product from the West, has become a representative of “fashion scarlet” and is popular among many women because of its simplicity and conformity with the traditional charm of Oriental ladies. The friendship of embroidery is much deeper than those of ready-made and fast-made products. Embroidery is not only decorations, but also a kind of leisure life and emotional sustenance.

More and more people like cross stitch is also a good thing. Because in this way, some of them will make their own towel embroidery is also a technology, for girls who like various patterns can also embroider themselves.